Steel City Bookfair Accessibility Policy

The bookfair collective will do our best to make this event as accessible as possible. We encourage feedback from those planning to attend on what exactly this would look like for you, and how we can best accommodate any needs you may have. We conceive of accessibility broadly, including but not limited to removing physical barriers to participation. Some of the steps we will be taking to make this event more accessible will include:

  • Choosing a venue that is accessible to those in wheelchairs or other mobility devices
  • Free child-care
  • Children and family-focused event programming
  • Free admission to the event
  • A free/PWYC meal on Saturday, including vegan, halal, gluten-free, and nut-free options, and snacks throughout the day on Sunday
  • Gender neutral and physically accessible bathrooms
  • Providing a space free of animals, with the exception of service animals (e.g. guide dogs or trauma dogs)
  • Assistance in arranging billeting for out-of-town guests
  • A zero-tolerance policy for overt acts of racism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia and other forms of bigotry

This event will be open to the public, but event organizers and volunteers will also be informed by an anarchist understanding of voluntary association. In practice, this means that we may intervene to remove or deny entry to individuals whose presence and/or actions limit the participation of others. While recognizing the likelihood of undercover or plainclothes police infiltrating the event, we will strive to make this a police-free space. We ask that nobody take photographs during the event, aside from specific times which will be announced in advance, in order to give those who do not wish to be photographed the option of leaving a space.  \

Survivors of sexual or physical abuse, or members of their support networks who are concerned about encountering the individual who caused harm are encouraged to reach out to the bookfair collective in advance of the event so that we can make the necessary arrangements to help ensure that this does not happen. We will also be respecting workshop facilitators’ autonomy in determining what they consider to be unacceptable behaviour among workshop participants, and will have a team of volunteers on hand to remove aggressive or disruptive audience members. We request that event attendees refrain from wearing any strong scents such as cologne or perfume. Bookfair organizers and volunteers will be clearly identifiable and happy to speak to anyone about any concerns they might have.