Hamilton An Bookfair 2018-Screen Colour

The Hamilton Anarchist Bookfair 2018 poster and related images are ready! We have created print and web ready posters, as well as sticker files, web banners and logos to share on social media and the web. To download the images right-click the following links and choose “save link as”:

We encourage you to download the posters and stickers to print, display and distribute locally. We also encourage you to use the logos and banners on your website, or to create ads for your publications.

Posters and flyers are also available for distribution at the following Hamilton-area locations:

The Tower | Hamilton Anarchist Social Space
281 Cannon St. East (Cannon St. & Victoria St.)
Hamilton, ON
L8L 2B4

If you can help with outreach efforts, particularly distributing and displaying posters and flyers widely in the Hamilton-area, please get in touch with us by e-mail at