2018 Film Schedule



10:00 – A is for Anarchy 

A is for Anarchy is a series of short films produced by subMedia explaining both the theoretical concepts that inform anarchist practice, and the systems of oppression and social control that anarchists oppose. We will be screening 7 short films, covering the concepts of Autonomy, Nationalism, Mutual Aid, Class, Direct Action and Race, and will also be screening the short film What the Fuck is Social Reproduction, by Plan C.

Languages: English (CC available)

Content Warning: Several short violent scenes (including violence against women), visualized discussion of systemic violence and oppression (slavery, colonialism).

11:00 – Anti-Fascism

Antifa, by Global Uprisings, is a 30 minute documentary covering the anti-fascist movement in the US which has emerged in response to Trump and the rise of the alt-right. Bash the Fash is an episode of subMedia’s monthly show Trouble, which draws on interviews with past and contemporary anti-racist and anti-fascist organizers and researchers from Toronto, Montreal, the Bay Area, Brooklyn and London (UK).

Languages: English (CC available for Bash the Fash)

Content Warning: Some violence, examples of fascist imagery and language.

12:00 – Bahrain: Shouting in the Dark

During the heady days of the Arab Spring, asthe world’s eyes wereon the streets of Egypt and Tunisia, people in the tiny Gulf island of Bahrain rose up to demand the fall of the Al Khalifah regime. The largely non-violent movement was ultimately crushed by a Saudi-ledinvasion and buried under acutting-edge campaign ofstate repression coordinated via social media. Bahrain: Shouting in the Dark, written and directed by filmmaker May Ying Welsh and produced by Al Jazeera, tells the story of “the Arab revolution that was abandoned by the Arabs, forsaken by the West and forgotten by the world.”

Languages: English; Arabic (with English subtitles)

Content Warning: Scenes of extreme state violence, discussion of torture, forced disappearances.

2:00 – Ecos del Desgarro (Echoes of Rupture)

Ecos del Desgarro is a documentary from anarchist film collective Camera Negra, which chronicles the early days of the Syrian Revolution, as well as the horrific state repression, foreign interventions and civil war that eventually followed. “A self-managed and collective documentary about the Syrian revolution and counter revolution, interviewing Syrian activists.” (from website)

Languages: English, Arabic (with English subtitles), Spanish (with English subtitles)

Content Warning: Scenes of extreme state violence, discussions of torture, forced disappearances.

3:30 – No Gods No Masters: A History of Anarchism pt III – In Memory of the Vanquished

A three-part series based on Daniel Guérin’s anthology of the same name, No Gods No Masters tells the history of anarchism from its humble beginnings, to its popular heights during the period between World Wars. We will be watching the final installment of the series, In Memory of the Vanquished, which covers the tumultuous years 1922-1945 – a period that saw anarchist revolutions break out in the Ukraine and Spain, and their ultimate defeatunder the twin jackboots of fascism and Bolshevism. The film is directed by Tancrède Ramonet, and produced by Temps Noir.

Languages: English (dubbed)

Content Warning: Historical scenes of violence

4:30 – Trouble # 6 – Adapt and Destroy: Counterinsurgency and Social War

Adapt and Destroy is the sixth installment of Trouble, produced by subMedia. Through interviews with Lorenzo Kom’boa & JoNina Ervin, Kristian Williams, Dawn Paley, Gord Hill and Peter Gelderloos, this 30 minute documentary explores the topic of counterinsurgency – “a science that cuts to the very essence of state power” – as a way of managing the constant social war waged between states and the populations that they seek to control.

Languages: English (CC Available)

Content Warning: Scenes of state violence.