Volunteer & Visioning Meeting

Join us for an open-meeting to discuss the bookfair, brainstorm ideas, and chat about getting involved.

Support The Bookfair Volunteer

The bookfair is a large event. From the planning and preparation beforehand, to all the tasks throughout the weekend, there’s lots of work to do and plenty of opportunities to get involved. If you’re interested in volunteering send an email to steelcitybookfair@riseup.net.


Some things we need help with include: outreach, planning and preparing for childcare and kids activities, organizing tables and distributors, food, content planning, set-up and clean-up, and so much more!

As well, there is the promotion of the Bookfair itself, which includes postering, flyering, online publicity and more.

If you can help volunteer with any of these tasks, please get in touch at any time by e-mail. If you have any particular skills or contributions you can make towards the organization of the Bookfair, get in touch as well.


We will be actively promoting the 2018 Steel City Bookfair all over Hamilton and Southern Ontario. Let us know if you can help with postering or flyering.

If you are from outside Hamilton, get in touch if you would like us to send you posters and pamphlets. We are hoping to have these materials available for download on our website at the beginning of December.

If you maintain a website, please consider linking to our website. We’re at www.steelcitybookfair.ca.

If you can help promote the Bookfair and events that weekend in your neighbourhood, school, or community, please get in touch: Steelcitybookfair@riseup.net